‘Tis the season for attending a plethora of holiday parties, indulging in alcoholic beverages and “goodies” of every variety.   Here are 3 tips to help keep you in control of whatever you decide to consume this season: Tip #1:  Set specific rules for yourself. Making conscious choices ahead of time will assist you in making sure you don’t go overboard in the moment. (If you set realistic expectations but are still unable to follow your own rules, then consider that a warning sign that you may be losing control over your consumption.) Determine how many days of the week will you allow yourself to drink or eat unhealthy things. How many treats will you allow yourself to have at a time? What’s your rule about that big party that’s coming up? And which days of the week will you not drink at all? Be clear about your own limits BEFORE you arrive at the party.  Remind yourself what your motivation is to keep your consumption under control.  Then keep your promises to yourself amidst the festivities. Tip #2:  No one ever feels good about driving while under the influence. Even IF you have averted disaster, no one wakes up the day after a party feeling good about the fact that they drove home when they know they shouldn’t have.  If you intend so do some big partying this season, please make plans in advance for how you’ll get home.  And for heaven’s sake, just pay Uber’s holiday surcharge.  It’s steep but it’s a mere 2% of what a DUI will cost you. Experts say to give yourself a minimum of ONE hour to metabolize ONE unit of alcohol before operating a vehicle. (One unit of alcohol is one shot of hard liquor, one beer, or one glass of wine.) It’s always in style to respect your limits, to take a cab home, to sleep it off at the party, or to ride with a sober friend.  Everyone loves a holiday party that ends safely. Tip #3:  Being present in the moment can help you consume less. Whether it’s red wine or baked sweets that tend to be your downfall this time of year, being more present in the moment can help you reduce how much you consume.  Going overboard often occurs when we’re putting things in our mouths automatically without paying attention to what we’re doing – when our brains are disconnected from our mouths and our stomachs. Slow down.  Notice the flavors and the textures.   Chew slowly and savor each bite.  By being tuned in to the experience, you may find the quantity you consume more pleasurable and easier to control. Need some support getting through the holidays?