Meet Fancy, Our Certified Therapy Dog Please allow me to introduce Fancy – a Jack Russell Terrier & Certified Therapy Dog. Fancy is the beloved pet & work partner of Amy Couchman, LPC, the newest member of the Flourish team. Amy is a kind hearted & sharp clinician who has over 20 years of experience supporting kids, families & adults. We’re thrilled to have them both here! Research shows that animals help people lower their stress and anxiety levels. Therapy Dogs are highly trained and are attuned to the needs of those clients who could use a little extra comfort that day. It soothes a lot of people to be able to pet Fancy in session. Most kids, in particular, respond very positively to Fancy’s nonjudemental presence, feeling more at home. Some kids even talk directly to Fancy about the things that are really hard for them to talk about. Amy & Fancy join Marcilla Tims, LMFT on our Child & Family Therapy Team to provide excellent support for your young people & to help your family to navigate the stressful times more harmoniously.