A moment of peace

Well, if you’re like all of my friends and all of my clients, what you need right now is a moment of peace. I’m going to invite you to take a very quick break from your day and go ahead and close your eyes with me. I’m going to invite you with your eyes closed to take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. See if you can release just a little bit of the stress and chaos of the holiday season with each exhale.

In keeping your eyes closed, go ahead and plant your feet firmly on the ground or the floor and feel that groundedness and that connection. Begin to picture your feet as the root system of a giant, ancient tree. Allow yourself to feel that sense of steadiness and sturdiness that comes with a tree that has an expansive root system and that does not bend when there are winds blowing on it. Take a moment to let the rest of the world fade away while you come back to this sense of being rooted.

What is your mantra this holiday season?

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes. I am going to invite you to bring in one word that you would like to have as your compass or your mantra during the holiday season. One word that brings you back to your center amidst the stress, the chaos, the over scheduling, and the family dynamics. For me, that word is ‘perspective.’ I’ve had holiday seasons that were heartbreaking because someone I loved was missing. I’ve had holiday seasons that were infuriating and aggravating because I felt so distant from my partner even though they were seated in the same room as me. I am fortunate now that neither of those circumstances are my current reality.

The word ‘perspective’ brings everything back into clarity for me. It allows me to differentiate between the things that are truly important in my life and the things that are quite honestly, sometimes just a problem of privilege. For example, trying to find a parking spot at the mall during Christmas season when everybody else is there looking for that same parking spot. You find the word that helps you snap back to your own center. Regardless of what your holidays have in store, I hope that you will find peace.

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