Considering the statistic that nearly 50 percent of married couples get divorced, you may be wondering if divorce counseling is even worth the time. Let us reassure you that it is worth every minute when it comes to your well-being.  While many people believe that divorce counseling is only necessary if the couple is trying to work through the issues and remain married, there are actually many other benefits to be reaped from this type of counseling — whether you stay married or not. No matter the reason you are considering divorce or even going through with the divorce right now, it can be a stressful experience for you, your partner, and your entire family. Counseling can help you deal with the wide range of emotions and struggles that go hand in hand with this process.

Reasons for Divorce Counseling

  • Counseling helps children understand and deal with the divorce.
  • It can help both parties involved deal with grief, depression, anger, confusion, and anxiety — all common emotions of divorce.
  • It can help you and your partner civilly work through financial obligations.
  • Counseling can help you and your partner decide whether or not you should stay married.
  • We can work to prepare you and your partner to be happily single again.
  • It can help you learn from this experience so you do not have another one like it in the future.
  • Counseling can provide professional mediation for arguments and discussions.

Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is so common among married couples because few people are prepared to make the huge commitment necessary to consistently think of another person before themselves. Infidelity, communication issues, arguments, substance abuse, emotional and physical abuse, unrealistic expectations of marriage and/or your partner, persistent criticism, lack of respect for one another, and financial disagreements are all among the most common reasons for divorce.

How Divorce Counseling Helps

If a marriage seems to be coming to an end, it is a traumatic experience for most people. Many couples deal with reservations about going through with a divorce simply because they cannot handle feeling like they failed. The emotions that go along with marriage can be physically and mentally exhausting, leading to negative attitudes, even worse communication, and drastic decision-making. Divorce counseling can help you as an individual, and it can help your partner. In most cases, this type of counseling is done individually, but if desired, counseling can include both partners. Involving both partners is especially important if you are considering remaining married and want to attempt to work through the process together. In many cases, if you have children, we will suggest they are present for some sessions or attend therapy sessions of their own to make the experience smoother for them. Overall, divorce counseling helps everyone involved to understand the problems at hand, see the communication breakdowns, handle the stress, and find a peace and contentment following the experience.

If you are considering divorce, divorce counseling may help you learn about yourself, improve your personal growth, and find opportunity in an experience often considered negative.