Trying to reignite intimacy in quarantine? Today, I want to talk about how couples can muddle their way through these very interesting times.

Intimacy & Synergy

While a lot of couples who live together have experienced an increase in the amount of time they have together, they have also lost the support of infrastructure in their life. Instead of having work time, home time, and family time, it’s all melted together. With that, a lot of couples have lost their rituals of connection, and their time alone away from kids if they have them. While they are having more time together, they are not getting quality time.

1. Think Outside of the Box

Summer is a wonderful time to reclaim date nights for you and your beloved. Date night in and of itself may be a misnomer. A lot of couples prefer to do something alone during the daytime like going on a hike together. Dates don’t have to happen at night. We are living in an altered reality so you may have to get more creative with your date activities than you normally would.

My husband and I had a wonderful date the other day when we picked up some delicious take out, and then went for a scenic drive in the mountains. French 75 downtown did a great food and wine pairing dinner for us. We picked up take out, and then we got to talk to the sommelier on Zoom. It was actually one of the most fun dates that we’ve had in a while. Try to think outside of the box, and make it work for your safety protocols.

2. Get Some Alone Time From Your Partner

The second thing that you can consider is, if it’s time to reignite passion, to spend some time apart from your partner. Maybe you can go out without your partner, and come back with more longing. Quarantine has really suffocated eroticism in a lot of households. Being together 24/7 is not a recipe for vivacious passion. We need to feel separate from someone in order to truly start to desire them again. If that resonates with you, maybe schedule some time apart and see if that helps spark some flames.

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