As an engaged couple, there may be times where you need relationship advice. While being engaged is an incredibly exciting time in life, it is also highly stressful. Any time there are significant changes in life, it can lead to personal and relationship challenges. Even an overall healthy relationship and engagement can lead to issues that cause arguments. Fortunately, we can help couples resolve these issues.

Naturally, there will be some conflict during this season. Working with a therapist can help couples to get past the difficulties and stress of engagement. Sometimes, this comes down to simply getting advice on one or two issues so that couples have the tools they need in order to better navigate their conversations and relationship in general.

The terms of engagement

Some couples have heard of pre-marriage counseling, while others have not. This concept provides couples with advice and tools necessary to enter a marriage on a strong footing. Getting married is a wonderful and beautiful thing but it is also one of the biggest challenges that anyone can take on. Learning how to live with another person, share respect for one another, communicate and partner together on everything is not easy.

In fact, it is incredibly difficult. Worthwhile, but challenging. A marriage requires a level of commitment but also a level of skill. Learning how to work together takes time. By visiting a therapist in our office, it is possible to get the tools necessary to develop the skills much faster.

How do we deal with our families?

One reason that engaged couples often seeks relationship advice has nothing to do with a couple themselves but with parents and extended family. When two people grow up very differently, their parents may not be accepting or appreciative of the person they have chosen to marry. This can leave to incredible amounts of conflict both externally and in the relationship itself.

One partner may begin to doubt the other's commitment and understanding while the other may feel that they are giving too much in the relationship without receiving understanding in return. These are general conflicts that many couples have, especially when getting married young. In this situation, our advice is for couples to visit with a therapist to determine if the problems in their relationship are coming from outside factors and if so, how to deal with it and restore the health and balance of their relationship.

Is this a good idea?

Sometimes we hear from engaged couples that want relationship advice around whether they should get married or if the relationship is unlikely to succeed. Even couples who do not fight may find themselves second-guessing their decision to get married because it is such a major decision. In this case, visiting with a therapist can serve to either set a couple's mind at ease or to help a couple realize there are other options available to them.

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