Improve your relationship this year using couples therapy. When making resolutions and goals, think about what is the most central and influential in your life. For most people, this is the relationship with their significant other and close family. If that relationship is not what it was or what you want it to be, take the steps to improve it by scheduling an appointment with our clinic. Doing so can make life more rewarding because a marriage or serious relationship can directly impact how a person feels about their daily life. The most successful relationships can go through rough patches and need outside help to sort everything out. Even working hard toward things like financial goals can be more rewarding when in a supportive relationship, as can striving toward career advancement or saving to purchase a home. If your relationship is simply okay, but no longer rewarding, call us so that we can help you.

Things can be more than fine or just okay

Sometimes we work with couples who say that their relationship is fine or okay but are looking for something more. Couples are often searching for a deeper level of connectivity/greater understanding and patience. Whatever factor happens to be lacking in the relationship, we can help to identify and address it if both partners are willing to actively engage in therapy.

We are facilitators

We are here to help facilitate communication between partners by creating a safe space for the partners to share emotions without fear of judgment. This sounds easier than it actually is. Even couples who are together for over a decade often find that they are fearful of expressing their true feelings and emotions to the other for fear of rejection. This is why many couples find it easier to communicate with a therapist in the room. It ensures that everyone is going to be more likely to engage in active listening rather than reacting immediately to negativity. This alone can make it far more effective for couples to communicate with each other when working with a therapist than talking about issues at home.

Couples therapy does not need to be so serious

Too often people assume therapy is going to be serious, sad or even depressing. This does not have to be the case. We use humor in our sessions to lighten the mood, help people to relax and highlight that humor can be in all areas of life, including challenges. When couples can laugh together about a particular situation, it helps to defuse feelings of anger, hurt or frustration. Anyone who is looking for a therapist that incorporates humor on a regular basis should speak with us further.

Think about the future

Consider what the future holds. Does it include a relationship that is rewarding and fulfilling? If the answer is currently no because your existing relationship is struggling or unfulfilling, schedule an appointment for couples therapy. We can work with you and your partner, facilitate better communication, identify goals and help to improve your relationship with each other. For help, call today.