Happy Summer!

Happy summer to all of you tired mamas and papas out there. Today I wanted to acknowledge the incredible role that our teachers, educators, school counselors, and all of the support staff play in the life of any child. So often we think of our schools as this place where our child goes to engage in academic learning and while that’s true, schools are also so much more complex than that. They are these little epicenters of what we call in our profession psycho, social, and emotional needs. Not only is your child’s teacher tracking whether or not they’re excelling in math or struggling with reading, but they’re also paying attention to who is being bullied or who is struggling with their friendships at recess. They are paying attention to which children are hurting emotionally because of the difficult things that may be going on at home. They’re also having to talk with our children about really difficult issues like why is the school practicing a lock down drill this week and why we’re having to do that.

Thank You

If you’re my child’s teacher, you also are charged with being on cupcake duty because my kid has a serious life-threatening allergy. On top of everything else her teacher does in any given day, he is also in charge of intervening any time a parent sends cupcakes into the classroom and making sure those ingredients don’t inadvertently end up harming my child. It’s a lot. Added to which these people have to be willing to be in the room with our children and a whole group like them all day long. I love my kids and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be in a room with them and all of their sassy friends all day, every day. That takes a disposition for which I am not well suited. So, to all of you teachers, educators, and support staff out there, we salute you for everything you have done for our kids this year. May you have a wonderful summer break because you have certainly earned it.

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