Marriage Counseling

Today’s pop quiz should be a no-brainer for all of you in long-term relationships. 

What inevitably happens when life gets too busy and your relationship becomes time-starved and you and your partner become two ships passing in the night? 

That’s right. It usually blows up in conflict because, unfortunately, we are a lot like our children. If we cannot get our needs met through positive attention then we end up getting them met through negative energy and negative attention, like conflict. 

So, as school is about to head back and life is about to get a lot busier for a lot of us the solution if you are feeling time-deprived with your beloved is to schedule a weekly check-in. Something you can put on your calendars that is non-negotiable and could be as short as 20 minutes long. It can include some positive feedback like gratitude, acknowledgments, and appreciations of one another, and then it should also include a component of how are you? How are we? What do you need from me? 

The business of doing marriage. 

Couples Counseling in Denver

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