Executive therapy is a helpful tool for those who feel that their work and home lives are out of balance. CEOs and other company leaders often come to a point where they forget to take care of themselves, and their own needs get lost in a sea of employee requests and business meetings. Keeping up a strong appearance is important to many business leaders, as they are representing their company.

Sometimes, this unrelenting drive can translate into too much focus on business. Achieving external goals is fulfilling up to a certain point, but coming to a place of balance and harmony in life means digging deeper. Executive therapy not only helps individuals achieve a life/work balance but it uncovers past issues that may have carried into adulthood.

These past issues can often fester under the surface, creating larger wounds than intended. Identifying and working through these traumatizing events, either in childhood or in the recent past can lead to a world of opportunity. Once these issues are out in the open, healing becomes effortless.

What is the role of an executive therapist?

An executive therapist strives to help identify underlying issues that are causing current stress or behavioral dysfunctions. Executive therapy is designed to allow the patient to practice healthy ways of thought. With multiple sessions over a period of months or years, this positive practice then becomes habit. An executive therapist therefore has the goal of helping a client to find healthy ways to heal those deep wounds.

Reaching out to an unbiased third party for help can be liberating. Although leaning on friends and family is often helpful, not everyone understands the specific problems that company leaders face. Through talk therapy, executive therapists are able to help work through issues and come to a place of healing.

It is no secret that many high-achieving executives may have trouble balancing work and life. Feelings of isolation can come with this imbalance, as many feel that they do not have anyone to confide in. An executive therapist can help alleviate some of the pressure in living up to an image. Executives can find it challenging to open up to others in their life for fear of appearing weak. These feelings can be extremely damaging if kept bottled up for too long. Finding a good executive therapist that helps work through deep-rooted issues is an eye-opening experience. Any CEO could use a little help sometimes, and seeking assistance is the first step in achieving optimal life and work functionality.

Is executive therapy right for me?

Realizing you may need a helping hand is the first step in healing. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or want to get ahead of feeling burnt out at work, executive therapy can help. Our highly trained therapists prioritize client comfort and complete confidentiality. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment and get on the road to a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

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