Couples Therapy

I want to talk to you today about the things you should focus on right after you have an argument with your partner.

Now, arguments in and of themselves are not bad. It is usually an attempt by one or both partners to reset something or get across a really important point. However, arguments are a rupture in the bond between the two of you and they can sometimes be damaging, especially if you say or do something ugly. 

After an argument takes place time is important. You do want to take action swiftly, however, it is more important to come back to the table once you feel confident that you can bring the best version of yourself to the table. 

This is where couples often get it wrong. Too frequently couples rush back into the argument, rush back into the discussion when they themselves have not first calmed down, gained greater clarity, or gotten in touch with the part of them that needs to take accountability. 

So, when in question make sure you get in touch with the most mature, responsible, accountable, and vulnerable side of you before rushing back into the dialogue. 

Now, right after an argument, you are going to want to take some time and space from your beloved, do a little bit of soul searching, and get some clarity for yourself, as well as make sure that there is at least a piece of the exchange that you are willing and ready to take ownership of and apologize. 

Couples Counseling In Denver

Clients of Flourish are welcome to reach out to us and ask for a copy of our new tool, the blueprint of how to follow up after an argument which gives our couples step-by-step directions on how to gain new insights and go back to their beloved and start to repair things. 

Remember that more and more frequent arguments are a sign of distress in the relationship and usually an indicator that it is time to get some professional support involved.

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