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Considering undergoing couples counseling? When couples are finding it difficult to get along, counseling is often the next step. For those who have never been to counseling, knowing what to expect can help ease their mind prior to their first appointment.

Common reasons for counseling

While there are many reasons why couples sign up for professional counseling sessions, the bottom line is that counseling helps couples communicate better. Some of the more common reasons why couples sign up for counseling sessions are because they have communication problems, trust issues, are arguing often, are experiencing infidelity issues, and/or are having a difficult time creating a healthy work-relationship balance.

For couples who are not sure whether or not they are in need of counseling, they can have one counseling session in order to learn more and make a decision.

What happens during a couples counseling session

The list below allows couples to have an idea of what to expect during their counseling sessions.

First session

A couple's first counseling session is a time for the counselor to get to know the couple better, which often requires them to answer a lot of questions. It is essential for both individuals to be as honest as possible, as their answers will help determine their overall counseling needs. These questions will include very general topics as well as very detailed questions. The goal is for the counselor to get to know more about the couple, including how they met, what they first liked about each other, and what kind of problems they are experiencing that are negatively impacting their relationship.

The counselor acts as a mediator

In subsequent sessions, the counselor will build on what they learned in the couple's first session. The counselor will choose a starting point and then start to delve into the issues the couple is experiencing. Since the counselor will lead the discussion, they will guide each individual when necessary to ensure they fully understand their partner's point of view. The counselor will also restate each couple's point of view to ensure their view is understood, as many times couples are in couples counseling because they do not how to efficiently communicate with each other.

Tasks will be given

Couples will be given certain tasks to perform in between sessions. These tasks are specific for each couple and may include only one task or many, as every couple is different. Examples of tasks include saying "I" instead of "you", going out on a date night, holding hands, resolving all arguments before going to bed, and setting a certain time in the future to address any arguments or disagreements. The counselor will want to know the details of these tasks, as this information will help them guide the couple in the right direction so they can learn how to get along better.

The bottom line

While there are many common reasons why couples will consider undergoing professional couples counseling, couples can sign up for counseling sessions for any reason they deem necessary. Now that it is understood what happens during counseling sessions for couples, couples know what to expect when they choose to go this route to save their relationship.

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