Divorce counseling can be something that makes it easier to go through a difficult time in a relationship. Even couples who want to get divorced struggle with the idea of changing their lives and the steps involved in doing so. There will be a period where one or both partners is going to be dealing with emotions they may not have expected. Going through counseling together can help a couple to process through their feelings and reach a state of peace and acceptance.

Issues discussed during divorce counseling

We let our patients tell us what type of support they are looking for or need. Still, it can be useful to know about some of the things we can go over and discuss during counseling sessions. 

These can include the following: 

#1 Creating a safe space to share feelings

It can be challenging to move on and to reach a better and more peaceful state when old emotions have not been resolved. Taking the time to attend counseling together and to express frustrations, anger or hurt can be incredibly helpful as part of the healing process. Many couples find that once they can share their feelings, it becomes easier to begin moving on. Since both partners are likely to have strong opinions and emotions, having a counselor in the room can help to make sure that the conversation stays productive.

#2 Creating a new type of relationship

Just because a couple decides to get a divorce, it does not mean that they will no longer be in each other’s lives. If a couple has children together, it is a certainty that they will see each other and need to continue communicating. It can be challenging to create a new dynamic that allows for communication and collaboration going forward. This aspect is especially true given a couple’s years of history. Attending divorce counseling together can help to make this transition easier.

#3 Creating a parenting plan

A couple who has children is going to need to work together to create a parenting plan that outlines where the children will be spending their time. It is far better to create a parenting plan in collaboration than having a judge dictate the terms without their input. Since this is a highly sensitive issue, many couples find it easier to reach a common conclusion when they have a professional therapist helping to guide the conversation and facilitate compromise.

#4 Deciding how to separate

Divorce is significantly more complicated than what many people realize. It is not as simple as deciding who is going to move out. Everything must be divided including financial assets, personal belongings, vehicles and sometimes pets. Choosing how to separate everything can be more comfortable when working with a professional who is experienced in guiding the discussion.

We are empathetic, thoughtful and can make this time a little bit easier.

Getting divorced is not easy. Still, it is possible to get a divorce in a manner that promotes a healthy and positive outcome. By offering divorce counseling, we make it possible to do so.

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