What’s your relationship’s intention?

Executive Coaching

There’s big changes going on in my personal life. My oldest just left the house for college, and that means that my marriage is changing radically. Lately, we have been updating our intentions for the next chapter of our marriage. I wanted to check in with you.

How long has it been or have you ever created intentions for your relationship with your partner? Intentions are a powerful thing because they allow us to be proactive instead of reactive. For example, one of our intentions is to have more fun, downtime, and play. We have been amazing co-parents, and we are awesome at balancing responsibility. But we have decided to set an intention to really amp up the fun and the play in our relationship so that that intention guides our actions with each other.

The other powerful thing about intention is that we get to shape the next chapter of our relationship with our partner and co-create it together. The things that I want out of it are different than what my husband wants out of it. We both get to weigh in and map it out together.

Intentions also help us achieve synergy…a super powerful and positive way to be in relationship. Synergy is when my input and my needs are respected, and your input and your needs are respected. The end result is much more powerful and meaningful than what either one of us could have come up with by ourselves. I’m updating my relationship intentions. Maybe it’s time to consider updating yours?

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