Do you need Marriage Counseling in Denver? A large number of couples seek out marriage counseling on a regular basis. Marriage counseling serves as a route to developing the strongest and most trusting marriage relationship possible. Marriage counseling can be needed at any stage of marriage, no matter how long you have been together, and it is a completely normal and accepted solution to problems within the marriage. If you are not sure whether or not you and your spouse should seek out marriage counseling, the fact that you are considering it is a sign that you probably should. Continue reading to learn more about when you should seek out marriage counseling.

Marriage Maintenance

Many couples believe seeking out marriage counseling is a sign of a failing marriage. This is an incorrect view because marriage counseling is actually a sign of maturity and may indicate a stronger marriage relationship. Counseling is often needed for marriages that have many weak areas, but it is also commonly used as simple marriage maintenance for couples who are completely content together. These couples undergo marriage counseling simply to continue to get to know each other better at a deeper, more open level, with a therapist present for instruction and encouragement.


If one or both partners in a marriage have been involved in one or more than one affair, it can seem like a daunting task to work through these issues, but it is not impossible. Forgiving one another following an affair is hard work, but it can result in a stronger, happier, and more honest relationship in the future. Before you seek out divorce as an answer, we suggest you visit for marriage counseling.

Negative or No Communication

Marriage thrives on communication, whether it is talking about the day or discussing deep emotional scars. Positive communication is necessary for a marriage to remain strong and survive. If communication becomes negative, it can result in depression, anxiety, or insecurities in both partners. If communication ends, it is impossible to work through any existing problems. Marriage counseling can help you work through these breakdowns in communication and learn to speak to each other more effectively once again.


Verbal or physical abuse calls for immediate action to save the marriage and protect each other. Do not wait if you or your spouse have engaged in any form of abuse. You may need to seek out separate counseling for this situation.

Child Death

The death of a child can often result in divorce if partners in a marriage blame each other or themselves for the death and refuse to work through emotions appropriately. Marriage counseling at this point in a marriage is often vital and can help both parties feel less blame and more acceptance that death happens naturally, regardless of actions taken or not taken.

Avoiding Divorce for the Sake of a Child

If you and your spouse have problems but you are avoiding divorce for the sake of your children, you should seek out marriage counseling to determine if this is the right action. In some cases, it will better benefit your children to separate. Each situation is different, and we can work through your problems to help you make the right decision and save your marriage. These reasons and many more call for immediate marriage counseling. Marriage counseling can end in amazing results if approached soon and with an open mind. If you are having problems of any kind in your marriage, or you are just interested in marriage maintenance, call or visit for more information.