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I want to give you a little bit more information about what it looks like inside the executive coaching process. 

Each client’s goals are unique but the two most common reasons why clients choose to engage me are first, they want to pursue leadership development for themselves and/or for their teams as well. Secondly, a lot of very seasoned leaders engage in my services because they need to consciously push the reset button in their careers, reevaluate, and find themselves in need of greater personal and professional insight in order to navigate the options in front of them. 

So why meet with me personally? 

Well, my two degrees in psychology and 19 years of experience supporting professionals differentiate me. It makes me an effective advocate for my client’s personal well-being which is a niche that a lot of other executive coaches and organizational consultants just don’t have that much expertise in. 

My clients are typically in a state of stress or burnout when they hire me, sometimes it’s a state of boredom, but my background in psychology really allows me to easily assess the psychological and physical wear and tear that their roles in leadership have demanded of them. Then I get to offer them stress-reducing strategies and deep insights into themselves throughout our work together.

So how would I describe my coaching style?

First and foremost, my coaching relationship with all of my clients is confidential. Secondly, they’re often infused with humor and that makes my time with my clients effective in allowing them to decompress and walk away every time with greater insight. I typically prefer to be rather direct with my clients because it is my job to hold a mirror up to them, show them where they are doing an amazing job, and also show them where they’re getting in their own way. In fact, just this week I challenged the CEO of a multinational corporation in a very direct way. I don’t think there are a number of people in his world that are quite as candid as I was, but I was really concerned that he was about to make a choice that was going to cause him a significant amount of career unhappiness.

That brings me to my final point about my coaching style. I am a naturally assertive individual and that allows me to match the level of drive, conviction, and a fast pace that most of my clients in leadership prefer to take in our work together. 

Now, why Flourish? 

We utilize a strategic approach here that’s very result oriented which allows clients to easily recognize the progress they’re making toward their goals at any stage of the game. We also deploy scientifically-based tools and assessments on behalf of our clientele to make sure that they receive very accurate data bout themselves and rather effective and impactful tools for creating positive change.

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