Do you ever find yourself wondering why transitions are so hard?

I’m reminded of this as my family has been transitioning from summer to school schedule with the kids. And while I long for the structure that the school year brings, I often find this transition feels clunky, disorganized, and tiring.

Why is that? Well, if you look at our bodies as a system, systems like continuity and consistency. It’s in that place of stability that they develop a homeostasis— an equilibrium from which they operate. While that’s good and great, that regulation gets disrupted when we are in transition. It gets turned on its head, and our body is scrambling to reorganize.

The irony is that while our bodies are systems and like consistency and continuity, those qualities can sometimes be the very thing that also put our brains to sleep. While we respond well to structure, it can also create the conditions for us to operate on auto-pilot. Have you ever experienced this feeling where you are going through the motions while not really present or engaged?

One of the benefits of transitions and changes, although they feel so hard, is that it’s a time when our brain is shaken from that lull and paying better attention. In that state of heightened awareness, we can use transition to our advantage to find creativity or inspiration. We can even start a habit or practice that we’ve been wanting to start, that while we were in continuity was being rejected or hard to weave in. So while our body is in a state of flux, incorporating those kinds of patterns may come a little easier. Because as I said, our system is working to reorganize so if we can reorganize with some of those new practices, some of that creativity then can contribute to a better us.

So, next time you’re in a state of transition, whether it be moving from season to season, or to a new job, or even through a break up, think about the opportunity for great growth, inspiration, and self-awareness.

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