Do you need a divorce therapist in Denver? As a divorce therapist in Denver, we understand how complicated and difficult going through a divorce can be. Many unhappy couples decide to get divorced, confident that their lives will be better without their partner. In many cases, this is true. The challenge is that there is a long and often complicated road between married life and the time when the divorce is final and you are ready to begin the next phase in your life. That road, that journey can be rife with pain, negative emotions, and unforeseen difficulties. Most people find that they cannot get through this without a good support system. If you do not have one or if you are looking for professional help, divorce therapy can be an amazing asset.

What does a divorce therapist in Denver do?

That really depends on what your goals are. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all box that couples are forced into. Instead, a therapist is here to help you accomplish your goals, work through your emotions, and reach a healthier and more fulfilling place. Some individuals seek out a divorce therapist in Denver because the stress and emotional toll of getting divorced has caused them to become stuck in grief, stress, anxiety, and fear. As a therapist, we help people to become unstuck so they can move on and move forward. Other times, couples come in together and work with a divorce therapist in Denver to see if they can identify what caused the marriage breakdown in the first place and if there is any way to solve or correct it. For this to be effective, both parties have to be willing to consider that reconciliation is a possibility. If one partner is set against it, this process can lead to frustration. However, when both partners come to therapy with an openness to explore their feelings and reach resolutions, the natural result of that can be reconciliation or a divorce where each partner has a greater level of respect and appreciation for the other. Sometimes, two people are simply not right for each other in the context of a marriage. If that reality is uncovered during therapy, then it is wise to work toward a place of mutual respect, understanding, and healing. It is possible for marriage relationships to end or dissolve without the interpersonal relationships or friendships dissolving with them. While incredibly difficult to accomplish on your own, working with a therapist can help make this a strong possibility. If you have children, the motivation for doing so is high. As long as your children are around and especially if they are under the age of 18, you and your ex will have to work together on parenting issues and see each other either at exchanges or special events. If you cannot stand each other or do not want to come in contact with each other, that can be far more difficult. The good news is that a therapist can help you both reach a place of peace that can be incredibly healing and life-affirming as you go forward in your new journey.