As my 40th birthday approaches, I am mostly excited. However, I’ve become aware of the two different paths that I can take regarding my changing physical body at the age of 40: SELF LOATHING or SELF NURTURING. I could regard my body harshly. After all, I encounter messages in society every day that tell me to be different. But I prefer to ignore superficial expectations and to honor what nurtures my physical self and my soul. I could spend my weekend at the nail shop, salon and mall. There’s nothing wrong with any of those things. But I prefer to spend my days off dancing, moving and playing outdoors. I could dwell on the stretchmarks on my abdomen. But I prefer to stand in gratitude that I have never known the heartache of infertility and that my body created two incredible human beings. I could buy designer labels for myself. There’s nothing wrong with nice things. But I prefer to put that money into my daughters’ college funds. Yes, I could spend a small fortune trying to recreate the physical features I had when I was 22. But mostly I’m grateful that I no longer have the challenges that I had back then. Yes, my physical body has evolved as I’ve aged. And so has my self-confidence, my inner wisdom and my strength. And so, to every female that I know, I gift us all Colbie Calliat’s inspiring words & images of TRUE BEAUTY in this video.