I’ve found there are 3 specific ways that working with a coach tends to make my life richer. I myself have been a client of life coaching, off and on, for years. I’ve found there are 3 specific ways that working with a coach tends to make my life richer: Benefit #1: Consciously Charting a Course Instead of Blowing Adrift Like most of our clients, my life is so busy and demanding that it would be easy to allow external forces to dictate my direction in life, family and career. But I don’t want to live a life out of reaction. I prefer to be proactive and intentional. My sessions with my coach have allowed me the opportunity to get clear on the values that drive me personally so I can remain true to myself. Benefit #2: Revealing Blind Spots Like the rest of the human race, I sometimes inadvertently do dumb things that get in the way of what I actually want. What can I say? We all have blind spots. Coaching has helped me to shine light on these. Once my blind spots were revealed to me, I could never un-know them. I moved forward with an awareness of how to handle things better next time or considered options that wouldn’t have occurred to me without the input of my coach. Benefit #3: Not Just Dreaming – Dreaming BIG What unimaginable outcome are you itching to achieve? One of the core philosophies to Flourish’s coaching services is “Your power to learn is your advantage to achieve the unimaginable.” My career is a great example of what can transpire when a determined client works with a great coach to learn that which they seek to know. Six years ago Flourish was an established one person operation. Business was good but I had a persistent urge to evolve and to achieve something new. So I hired a coach and worked with her consistently. She helped me create an action plan for my professional goals and held me accountable. As a direct result of that coaching experience (and all the hard work that I put into the action plan), Flourish has, well, flourished – surpassing my expectations, allowing both me and my livelihood to evolve, and bringing fantastic people into my life.