Why This Family Therapist is Concerned About Our Kids

Even though I’m starting to accept this pandemic, I am struggling with how my children are being hurt by it. As a family therapist, I am not just concerned about my teenagers, but for all the children in our community. A lot of the losses that our kids have...

Parenting During COVID-19

I have been watching the news this week, and wincing at what is being demanded of parents with kids at home right now. Largely because, when my oldest daughter was 10 days old, the September 11th terrorist attacks occurred, and I was laid off from my full time job....

Parental Survival Strategies for The New Reality

This week, Angela empathizes with all the parents impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. Through her personal experience in surviving troubling times amidst the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Angela shares strategies for families in this new reality: Reach out to us at...

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