Many couples visit my office to receive counseling for communication issues. It can be difficult to express yourself, especially when the other person responds with aggression or negativity. Over a period of time, this negativity can lead to two people in a relationship completely shutting down and failing to communicate all together.

In this toxic environment, it can be difficult to remain in a relationship without conflict and stress. It is far better to address these communication issues so that the relationship can enter a firm footing that is free from constant bickering or conflict. To reach this point, it may be necessary to seek help from a therapist.

Signs you should visit a therapist

If you and your partner are dealing with these issues, therapy can help:

  • Fights break out over basic household activities like who is going to take the trash out, cook dinner or walk the dog
  • It is impossible to agree on financial decisions like whether to put money in savings or open an IRA
  • Conversations about books, current events or simple activities lead to hurt feelings, fights or arguments
  • No one feels heard or understood
  • Going on vacation leads to epic fights with parties spending time alone
  • To avoid conflict, more time is being spent apart, with friends, at work or alone in general
  • The children are being negatively impacted by the amount of conflict

Anyone who feels that their relationship is in trouble due to a lack of communication should schedule counseling for communication issues.

What to expect from an appointment

Therapy takes time to produce results. While some couples are able to experience breakthroughs on the first session, this is rare. With emotions high and high levels of stress, it can take time to move away from past negative experiences. However, if a couple does so, the heart and mind are open to forming new positive experiences. This must take place in counseling for it to be effective.

At some point, couples have to be willing to set aside the emotions from past arguments and move forward with each other on a clean slate. Past arguments carrying these emotions into every new discussion can make moving forward difficult without professional help. These issues will only cause a new argument to break out. This leads to a cycle of toxicity that can be impossible to break free of without professional help.

Once free to take the relationship at current face value, couples can begin to use the tools they develop in counseling to communicate from a freer and healthier state of being. These tools involve learning how to truly listen to each other (without being in a defensive posture), to express oneself freely and openly, and how to be supportive of what is expressed.

Improve your relationship today

Watch how your relationship improves through better communication. While it may seem impossible today, it can become a reality when you schedule therapy sessions for communication issues. Your relationship and your life can reach a better state with my professional help.