Couples CounselingLet’s face it: the holidays can be stressful. There is no better time to schedule couples counseling than during one of the more stressful time of the year.  Many couples that seem to be doing well throughout the year may find that the holidays bring such intense levels of complications and stress. What was once manageable conflict, becomes something that feels insurmountable. Fortunately, it does not have to be. Holidays can be a time of enjoyment and one of peace for you both.

However, that often requires the help of a third-party in order to reach that point. Instead of going through the holidays feeling down, depressed, or fighting, schedule an appointment with our office so we can help you have peace in this season.

Common Reasons for Holiday Stress

Extended family

You may not need couples counseling because of your internal struggles with each other. Instead, the stress can be a result of outside forces like an extended family that creates a stress-filled environment. This is often due to unreasonable expectations placed on one or both of you by your family. For example, if both parents are expecting you to be there for holiday dinner or the grandparents are pressuring you to spend time with them, conflicting emotional pressure could be placed on the two of you.

This emotional pressure is something you have to resolve and somehow manage together. This is not easy, and most families do not mean to apply this level of pressure but inadvertently do so. During therapy, we can work through these conflicting demands to help the two of you reach a mutual consensus in regards to how you want to spend your holidays and who you want to see. We will then give you the tools to let other people know what your wishes and actions are going to be. This is critical and empowering for your relationship.

Fear of pressure

For many people, the holidays create a sense of pressure that everything has to be perfect. Even if you love the holidays, your partner may feel this sense of pressure and it can lead to depression. Understanding their emotions and working to create a sense of well-being can allow for you both to enjoy the holiday season.

Previous loss

The holidays tend to carry a great deal of emotion, whether that emotion is positive or negative. If one or both of you has suffered a sense of loss in the past, it may be difficult to overcome that sensation and allow for new positive experiences and emotions to emerge. Couples counseling can help eliminate some of the old baggage so you two can start a fresh journey.

Feeling of failure

With the year coming to a close, some people feel as though they failed with their personal goals or are depressed by not being where they had hoped to be. This feeling can translate into the relationship and create stress or cause fights. It is important to gain the ability to accept the current circumstances while preparing to rise above them together.

Get Help

Do not go through the holidays fighting with each other, when you can be your greatest allies. Visit us for couples counseling so you can create new and improved experiences together.