Sexuality is part of any marriage, and couples that are having challenges in this area should visit us for couples therapy. We have found that people are quick to discuss problems with their friends or family, even therapist related issues like children, work stress, financial problems or even communication difficulties.

People tend to be more hesitant discussing matters of intimacy. This is unfortunate because intimacy is an integral part of a marriage. While it is possible to maintain a loving and respectful marriage without sexual intimacy, it will typically reduce the level of fulfillment that both partners have with the relationship. For this reason, it is wise to seek help so that the relationship is as strong and fulfilling as possible for both parties.

Physical performance can be related to mental and emotional health and well-being

We know that issues like erectile dysfunction, dryness, and libido can be influenced by how a person is doing mentally and emotionally. These are issues that people often try to address from a physical perspective only. That can be a mistake because if emotional and mental health is at the root of the problem, medication will not solve it.

For example, heightened stress can make it more difficult for a man to get and maintain an erection. Feeling emotionally disconnected may cause a woman to have a very low sex drive. During couples therapy, we seek to identify all the issues that a couple is struggling with so that they can be dealt with.

Sweeping things under the rug is not going to work. It only exacerbates the problem. Identifying what the issues are and working through them makes it more likely that there will be improvements to other areas, including sexual intimacy. After all, a relationship is incredibly complicated and no single issue exists within a vacuum.

Sex and intimacy are two different things

Sometimes people who visit us for help with intimacy do so not because they are not having sex, but because they do not feel as connected to each other as they would like to. This is because intimacy and sex are not the same things. For there to be true intimacy, there must be a level of openness, respect, caring and concern for each other both in and out of the bedroom. Developing this level of intimacy can take time and it also may require some help.

This is what we are here for. We help couples to understand what true intimacy looks like and then to develop communication tools so that they can begin to increase the intimacy within their relationship. This may involve doing things like actively listening, showing respect for one another's opinions, doing little things to demonstrate caring and support, etc. We can provide a variety of tips and suggestions during counseling sessions.

Make your marriage better

Couples therapy is not just for couples that are having a hard time or thinking about divorce. To the contrary, therapy can be used to make your marriage better. Marriage can be the longest lasting relationship that anyone has. It can also be the most fulfilling. This does not happen by mistake or accident. It happens when both partners are equally committed to each other and have a mutual goal of creating the best possible relationship.

With that goal in mind, anyone who wants to increase the level of fulfillment in their relationship, improve their sexual intimacy or enhance the relationship, in general, should call us and schedule an appointment.