Looking for information on marriage counseling? Marriage can be difficult for any couple, and sometimes the problems partners encounter become too much to face alone, or even together. A couple's marriage does not need to be in trouble to seek marriage counseling, either — counseling is advised from the beginning of any serious relationship to keep it healthy and thriving and prevent trouble from occurring down the road.

You may seek marriage counseling at any time, and one should always make sure to seek help from a licensed, qualified marriage counselor who specializes in the field.

FAQs about marriage counseling

Many people have questions about marriage counseling, so we have answered some of them here:

Do couples come into a therapy session together or separately?

Typically, couples come into at least the first session of marriage counseling together. This allows the counselor to hear your story, both sides of it, with both of you present. This helps keep things honest and will give the counselor an opportunity to see the dynamics of your interactions with one another. In most cases, you would come in together, but in some situations, individual sessions may occur with one or the other partner involved.

How long do you have to go to marriage counseling?

This is entirely up to you. Marriage counseling is not mandatory. Generally, it is recommended that a commitment to counseling of at least six months is made in order for the counseling to achieve the best results. Ongoing counseling longer than six months is perfectly normal to keep a relationship healthy and thriving. Marriage counseling will heal wounds, resolve conflicts, and can save marriages if both partners work together and really want it to work.

Will insurance cover the cost of marriage counseling therapy?

Depending on your insurance company and the rules it follows, you may be eligible for full or partial coverage of marriage counseling services. Some of the time, you may need to pay a co-pay at the time of visit, and some counselors or clinics provide deferred payment options or sliding scale fees. Not all insurance companies will provide coverage, and if a spouse has insurance from work that will cover counseling costs, they may be liable for premium expenses depending on the type of insurance their employer provides.

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