Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite thing about being a therapist and a coach. There are a lot of myths out there about what it’s like to do this job. My favorite thing is always seeing how my clients’ lives evolve.

Seeing how clients’ lives evolve

I get to work with a lot of my clients intermittently over the course of maybe a decade. Obviously, they come to me during periods of major transition or periods of major stress. Yes, I do watch people lose a relationship, sometimes I watch them lose a loved one, or at the very least they are going through a really intense period in their lives.

Do we take our clients’ problems home with us?

No, we don’t take it home. We get that question all the time. We’ve been trained to be able to empathize with other people without taking on their pain. However, we do grow to care about our clients deeply. So, sometimes when they’re going through something truly heartbreaking, we might escort them out the door and then shed a tear or two on their behalf before we set it down and go home to our own lives. It’s just part of this profession.

However, so very often they come back and check in with us years later and we get to see how life has unfolded for them. We get to watch how they have rebuilt after heartbreak, we get to watch how they have achieved the goals that they set for themselves, and that part is absolutely delightful.

A couple of examples

Right now, I have a darling client who had gone through a series of unhealthy relationships, people that really weren’t treating them fairly. Now, this individual is about to propose to someone who is amazing and very worthwhile. I am getting to witness clients who have gone through the heartbreak of fertility challenges, give birth and become parents and fulfill a dream they have been pursuing for years.

Watching how my clients’ lives evolve is absolutely my most favorite part of my job.

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