relationship-advice201612Life changes and difficult circumstances often create the need for relationship advice; a service that we provide. It is important to know that you are not alone. Regardless of how difficult your personal life is right now, you can have someone to talk to you. Sometimes just having a listening ear is what you need to clear your thoughts and start to see what you want out of the situation. It can also help to have a third-party, someone who is not involved, to assess the situation objectively and help to guide you through making a positive decision. In any case, the ability to work through issues is critical for moving forward with your life and not being controlled by the struggles you are currently experiencing.

When to Call for Relationship Advice

We help individuals and couples of all relationship statuses improve their relationship. We focus on the patient’s health and if that means ending an unhealthy relationship, then we will offer that advice. It does not matter what is leading you to need relationship advice, we can help you regardless. However, here are some of the common reasons that people call us for help:

Relationship status changes

Once an engagement ring lands on the finger or someone says, "I do," the relationship will change. While change is often for the better, change requires adjustments. Sometimes people need advice about how to make those adjustments.

Conflicting wants

When one person wants to take the relationship to the next level (get married, etc.) and the other does not, it can create conflict that lasts for a long time. It is important to find clarity in what you want and why, before deciding what your relationship is worth. In this case, we can provide you with relationship advice regarding whether to stay in the relationship or move on.

Lifestyle changes

If you are ready to make a major lifestyle change, move to a new area, start school or a new career, it is going to drastically impact your day-to-day life. Many people seek relationship advice to determine how to do so while preserving their relationship. This is not always an easy task and seeking help is a wise idea.


Many couples visit us for relationship advice on whether or not to have children. This is the greatest change you could ever make in your life so it is wise to spend time pondering it before making your decision. We can meet with you both, help you to express your feelings and decide what the best path forward is for you.

We can also provide relationship advice for families, close friends, and divorcing couples. Regardless of what issue you are working through – we can help.

Call for Relationship Advice

It can be very difficult to make important decisions when it comes to your relationship. Whether you have been dating someone for a long time, are living together, engaged, or married, knowing how to deal with difficult issues, what will help your relationship to grow or even when to leave, can be incredibly confusing. We understand this and are here to help you through the process of making important decisions. Schedule an appointment today so that you can speak to someone in complete confidence.