Communication ProblemsCommunication problems are one of the largest issues that occur between couples. Couples have a tendency to not communicate effectively when it comes to concerns, questions or emotional problems. People tend to want to restrict our interactions to the positive, which can lead to bottling up emotions and feelings of negativity, ultimately resulting in communication problems. In reality, communication is one of the most effective ways to sustain a long-term relationship in which the couple continues to be happy and content. There are a number of reasons why people decide not to communicate effectively with their significant other. These reasons ultimately lead to communication problems that are avoidable with adequate communication.

Communication takes effort

Communication issues are typically due to both people not taking the necessary effort to effectively communicate with each other. Unfortunately, it is very common for couples that have been together for a while to not realize that they are no longer communicating effectively. Couples can become complacent with the lack of communication and be none-the-wiser. Couples who realize that they need to put more effort into communication, and then commit to doing it, find that many of the communication problems go away by making the effort. Working with a counselor can often help to break down barriers and make it possible for couples to communicate effectively.

Communication takes time

One of the largest challenges to relationships today is the hectic pace at which we live in the modern era. This often leaves little time to communicate beyond cursory communication, handing out the honey-do chore list and talking about the children’s homework. Talking about what needs to be accomplished around the house is not open and effective communication. These types of conversations lack the necessary emotional outlet to help couples connect more. It is far more important to take time out, for example having a date night, in order to explore deeper and more meaningful forms of conversation. Communication problems occur when couples do not have an emotional depth to the conversation. Counselors find that communication problems result from a lack of setting aside time for more intimate communication.

Communication involves active listening

A conversation where one partner merely waits until the other partner is done speaking without retaining what is being said only causes more problems. Instead, make sure to engage with active listening. It is also beneficial to provide the significant other, or partner, with cues that you are actually listening to them, hearing them and taking their views into consideration. This kind of effective communication is often hard for people to do and requires the guidance of a counselor to reach a place where they are comfortable with active listening. Active listening is something we can work on during therapy. So call today if you want to improve your communication.