therapy201612Couples therapy can help you to improve your relationship, communication with your significant other, and overall quality of life. Being in an unhappy relationship can be incredibly stressful and even depressing. It can negatively impact each area of your life, your performance at work, and your future. Thus, it is necessary to either resolve your issues and grow together or make alternative choices. Neither is easy but we are here to help. If you are new to therapy, here are five things that you need to know.

#1 This is a safe space

You can feel free to express yourself here. You will not be judged during counseling sessions and we will do our best to try to continue to make it a safe space for the both of you. Our goal is to create an environment where you can say what you want and how you feel without fear of condemnation or ridicule.

#2 You can come individually at first and then together

Many people worry about going to therapy for the first time with their significant other. It can sometimes help to schedule individual therapy sessions and then come as a unit. By visiting separately the first time, it will allow you to get into a more positive and constructive mindset prior to coming together to address more complex issues.

#3 We can cover any topic you like


You can go over anything that you want in couple’s counseling. We can talk about the beef you have with who does the laundry and dishes. We can also address more serious issues like life changes or infidelity. There is no judgment and you can come in as often as you need. We will address every issue that matters to you.

#4 Couple’s therapy really helps


If you have never experienced couple’s therapy before, then you may worry about whether or not it will truly help. We cannot guarantee results because therapy depends on the patients to put in a certain amount of effort. However, if you are both willing to have an open mind, discuss things honestly, and truly try, then your communication will improve. With equal cooperation, we can address issues and help you gain the tools you need to move forward in life. Very often, couples are able to do this together, though sometimes therapy can reveal that two people are better off as friends. Either way, you will gain the knowledge and tools you need to move forward.

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