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Executive Coaching

After everything we have been through in the last two years, there is no doubt that living through a pandemic has changed a significant number of people in deep, important, and internal ways. We’re seeing so many folks reprioritize their lives and determining that they need to start a new chapter because the personal growth and evolution that they are embodying simply doesn’t fit Into their old life, their pre-pandemic life. 

The greatest example of that is the great resignation, which in my opinion is merely an out-picturing that the new them no longer fits into the old job. In my line of work, I am privy to the one-on-one conversations and the soul searching that these individuals are making as they are growing throughout this experience and seeking greater fulfillment in their lives. 

So there are two things that I want to encourage you to make sure you clarify for yourself 

How has the pandemic changed you?

How are you different?

Is it that you’ve determined that your career is no longer enough? Is it that you’re ready to take a stand for the changes that society is trying to make? 

And, secondarily, if you could start a new chapter, what would an appropriate title be? 

Career isn’t everything? I deserve balance?  Live now?  Be the change?  You get to decide.

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