Couples Counseling Denver, CO

Wondering whether couples counseling is the right choice for you and your significant other? Professional counselors help couples resolve their differences, which can save the relationship. Signing up for counseling sessions also allows couples to learn more about each other.

Why couples fight

There are many reasons why couples fight, with some reasons being minor and others being more concerning. Some of the more common reasons while couples experience disagreements Include the following topics: household chores, working too much, physical intimacy problems, relatives interfering with the relationship, not getting enough personal time, and disagreeing on how they should spend their leisure time.

4 Common reasons couples should undergo counseling

The information below outlines some of the more common reasons why couples should consider undergoing professional counseling.

1. Trust has been broken

Couples who experience a break in their trust will often need professional counseling in order to learn how to deal with trust that has been broken. There are many ways that trust can be broken in a relationship, with infidelity being one of the more common. Additional ways that trust can be broken in a relationship include having an emotional affair with another person and lying about money problems. Once trust is broken, it needs to be repaired in order for the couple to continue the relationship.

2. Communication is difficult

Great communication is a skill. Many couples who sign up for couples counseling simply need help in learning how to efficiently communicate with each other. Many communication problems can be avoided if each individual can understand more about how their partner communicates. The fact that communication problems are a leading cause of couples breaking up makes efficient communication essential to a successful relationship. This is part of the job of a professional couples counselor, to help couples better communicate with each other.

3. A traumatic event has been experienced

Couples who experience a traumatic event may find it difficult to connect with each other. Traumatic events have a way of affecting people in different ways, which means couples may deal with the traumatic event in completely different ways. Examples of traumatic events include long-term unemployment, undergoing a health-related crisis, and the loss of a child. Because traumatic events can be quite devastating, many couples will benefit from undergoing couples counseling in order to reconnect with each other.

4. The spark is gone

Couples often get together because there is something special between them. When this something special is no longer there, it can make it difficult for couples to get along with each other. When the spark is gone, it makes it difficult for couples to experience the emotional and physical intimacy that keeps couples together on a long-term basis. While this problem is common in most couples, there are different reasons for losing that special feeling. It is important for couples to get into the details in order to understand why they no longer experience a spark.

The bottom line

When couples fight or disagree more often than they get along, it often means they are in need of professional help in order to save their relationship. Signing up for couples counseling allows couples to learn more about each other, which supports a healthy relationship.

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