I just had to pop on and say a quick hello on behalf of Marcilla Tims, Amy Couchman, Caitlin Ellis, Jaime Hansen, and myself. We just wanted to let you know how much we miss having you all here. We miss being in the room with you even though we have been seeing a lot of you on Zoom.

Spring is normally one of the busiest times of year in our office. I had this little ritual that I liked to do on Thursday evenings when I would look out on the parking lot which was full. And I realized that there is an incredibly good person in one of those cars. They were here and they were benefitting from what my team and I do. And, after building this practice for the past 15 years, it just gave me such a sweet sense of satisfaction to see that every Thursday.

Now, I am going to have to modify that. Maybe, I will just visualize all of the Zoom meeting rooms that are full at this moment. I can think of all the good support that is still being provided to incredible people. And I’m just looking forward to the day that it’s safe for us to be back in the room with you. In the meanwhile, take good care!

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