If you are in a relationship, you are probably having some big feelings that are tell-tale signs as to whether or not your relationship needs are being met.

When your needs are being met

For example, when you’re getting what you need out of a relationship, it’s a very natural byproduct to feel exhilarated, inspired, joyful, relaxed, hopeful, engaged, and peaceful. All of those things are often experienced when a relationship is going well.

When your needs are NOT being met

However, in contrast to that, when things are not going well there are probably some warning signs going off that you need to pay attention to. Have you been feeling hostile sometimes? Annoyed, upset, distressed, fearful, concerned, guarded, helpless, burned out, or even despondent? All of those are natural feelings to experience when you are not getting what you need out of your partner or out of your relationship.

If you’re noticing those feelings creep up for yourself on a regular basis, I would encourage you to pay attention to them. It may be time to try to do something about it to create more fulfillment and a positive shift in your relationship.

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