People who call our office asking about counseling for couples typically know that there is something in their relationship that could be improved. Making the call is a great place to start because when a couple is ready to experience change, the possibilities are endless.

Counseling for couples can be an affirming and empowering experience.

Imagine leaving a session feeling strong, capable and empowered. This is possible with our couples’ therapy sessions. We believe that each of our patients has strength, capacity and wisdom beyond what they realize. One of our goals is to help bring out our patients’ strengths and positive attributes. We do so knowing that when our patients feel strong and capable, they feel empowered to make positive changes in their life and in their relationship.

This does not need to be stressful or negative

There can be a negative image of therapy that indicates people will leave feeling sad or broken. This is not the case in our office. Instead, patients typically leave feeling better. They also leave feeling that they have the confidence necessary to continue progressing, with the goal of reaching a place in life that brings both happiness and satisfaction.

There is incredible power within the marriage relationship

Many people do not realize just how strong and powerful they can be as a team. We know that with the right tools, affirmation and encouragement many couples can transform their relationship and their lives simply by supporting one another.

Consider what can be possible with both partners committed to each other and to reaching common goals.

For example, if a couple is feeling stagnant, they can support each other to try something new like taking up a hobby together or enrolling in a local sports team. This then makes it possible to enjoy each other's company and have more fun.

Another example could be a couple who feels that their finances are not progressing. In that case, they may decide to have one partner go back to school while the other one picks up more of the duties around the house. These are the type of empowering decisions that can be life-changing if a couple is willing to work together and excited about supporting each other through the journey.

The benefit of counseling for couples is that you don't have to do this alone.

Take a minute to envision what would be possible if your relationship was supportive and empowering. Imagine where you could go if you had common goals and were working towards them together. Now, decide what steps you need to get there. 

Is it difficult to imagine?

This is where couples face some of their biggest obstacles. It is very difficult to know how to get from where a couple is today to where they want to be in the future. Fortunately, with couples’ therapy, no one has to. This is where our expertise comes in. As professionals, we help couples to see their potential and help them to create their joint vision. After, we begin working to provide them with the tools they will need to improve their relationship and reach their goals. With our help, nothing is insurmountable. It is only a world of possibilities.

Get started

If you are ready to feel strong, empowered and capable in your relationship, schedule an appointment with our office today.

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