When searching for a marriage counselor near me, it is important to find a professional that you feel entirely comfortable with. Knowing that they have experience working with couples in similar situations can sometimes help; as can finding counselors who have worked with same-sex couples in the past. For this, we encourage you to call us and schedule an appointment.

How to find a marriage counselor near me who has counseled same-sex couples

Here are some general tips for finding the right counselor:

#1. Call our clinic

Anyone living or working in our area should visit our clinic for help and support. We are accepting new patients and have experience in helping all types of couples reach a resolution and move toward a healthier place.

#2. Do an online search

Anyone who is not located in our area should do an online search for a counselor. The key is to be incredibly specific when doing so. Make sure to type in the city and state and to specifically request a marriage counselor who works with same-sex couples. The search should provide a variety of options.

#3. Read through the website

Read through the information provided on the website to determine if the provider seems like a good fit for the particular situation. If there is uncertainty about the services they provide or their experience, it is best to call the office and ask questions.

#4. Check out online reviews

See what other people have to say in the online community. Reading reviews that have been posted on Yelp, Google or Facebook can be helpful for determining if other couples have had a positive experience. Also, reviews provide additional insight into the approach and personality of different therapists that cannot always be obtained through website information alone.

#5. Speak with friends

If you are comfortable letting friends know you are searching for a marriage counselor near me, they may be able to provide a referral. It can sometimes be difficult to admit to friends that a therapist is necessary. However, it is important to note that many couples seek help from time to time throughout their relationship.

There is no stigma in seeking assistance from a professional who can make life easier by providing the tools necessary to improve a relationship.

Some things to consider

Marriage counseling is highly personal and very important. For most people, their marriage will be the most important relationship that they ever have. This is the person who is there during the good times and the bad times. This is the person who contributes to important life decisions like where to live and how to pay for things and the one who may help to raise children or pets. They are going to significantly contribute to how good life is on a daily basis.

Taking the time to work on this relationship is a wise idea. So is finding a therapist that "fits".  This is not something that can be quantified because it often comes down to making a connection and feeling comfortable. The best way to find out if that connection exists is to schedule a consultation. We invite you to do so by calling us today.