Executive Therapy

In my line of work, I come across a lot of high-achievers who are feeling bored bored bored and unfulfilled.

It makes sense why this can easily happen for a high achiever/ leader/ executive type of individual because these are normally individuals who drive both themselves and their teams hard and they love a good meaty challenge, they prefer to be continuing to learn and develop in the process and when those ingredients are just not available to them it’s pretty common for them to feel out of sorts and unfulfilled. 

Some of them become somewhat cantankerous in the process while others resort to negative coping mechanisms and unhealthy habits because they just don’t know what to do for themselves. 

Now, underneath this experience is very often an imbalance. High-achievers have over-indexed on being human beings. They can get more done in a week than an entire team of people and they have run like that for years. Often times in that process they have underdeveloped the part of them that is a human being, that can slow down and be present and source units of fulfillment from things outside of their career and find joy and contentment that way. 

Now ultimately, the solution for these bored, unchallenged high-achievers will be different from one person to the next. Some of them do need to do some career coaching and map out a transitional plan to get themselves out of their current role. Others may need to bring their life back into balance. 

I will point out to you that as all of us continue to progress through our careers and age, the amount of fulfillment that we need to be able to start sourcing outside of our careers typically needs to increase with our age and increase over time. 

So, it may be a great time to start unpacking what that can look like for you and creating a plan for having more than just one or two sources of fulfillment in your world. 

Food for thought.