How Can Parents Enhance Intimacy In Their Relationship?

A lot of us know that when a couple is busy raising young children, their sex life often takes the back burner and can really become lackluster. When we work with couples to revive their intimacy with each other, we very often find that there are at least two obstacles in the physical environment of their home that’s getting in the way of having the most fulfilling sexual interludes thsexy couple picat they could. First and foremost, does the door on your bedroom lock? While this may not be a concern when your kids are infants, this becomes more and more important to put into place as your children get older. We know that the most fun sexual interludes are the ones where both partners are present in the moment, they’re passionate, and they’re uninhibited. Well, how do you remain uninhibited if you’re worried about your little one possibly walking through the door at any minute? You get my point, so it’s a very worthwhile investment to run down to the hardware store or to hire a handyman to install a lock on your bedroom door.

The second issue is a lot of parents are concerned about sounds traveling down the hallway and also being heard by the children. So, do you feel like you have enough privacy about noise to have those fun and passionate interludes that you’d like to have? Well if not, I would strongly encourage picking up a white noise machine. Those of you who have been to the Flourish office have seen these little devices around. We use them to muffle the sounds coming out of any given room and you can do the same. You can find them online and you can strategically place it near your bedroom to muffle any noises and enhance the privacy that you and your partner need to really feel comfortable and present.

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