Today, I want to talk to all of you who feel like things may be fizzling in the bedroom with your partner.

When we are talking about longterm relationships, a lot of couples tend to fall into a normal routine in the bedroom over time. They will go to the same part of the house at the same time of the day, and what actually transpires between them will be the same thing week after week.

Well, that’s part of the problem. Habituation, falling into a rut, puts our nervous system to sleep. It creates a dull experience, and what we need instead, especially in those situations, is some novelty and some variety. So if that might apply to your relationship, then it’s time to open up a dialogue with your partner about incorporating a little more spice and variety.

There are two important things you’re going to need in order to do that:

1. Creating a Safe Space

The first is, if anyone is going to be playful and explorative, it has to be a safe space for them to do that. The more that you solidify the friendship that your relationship is based on, the more security and respect there is between the two of you. Then, the easier it is to relax and be uninhibited in exploring possibilities in the bedroom.

2. Curating a Judgement Free Zone

Secondly, there needs to be an agreement between the two of you that the bedroom needs to be a judgment free zone. This means that the safe space created above is enlivened with new ideas and suggestions by both partners without the fear of criticism or judgment from each other.

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