Marriage counseling refers to the act of two partners visiting a licensed counselor who focuses on relationships and family. Most individuals undergo marriage counseling in order to tackle problems in their relationship. However, there are those who also use marriage counseling as a resource to improve romance, communication, or selflessness. 

Everyone will have a different experience when it comes to marriage counseling. However, there are a few guidelines for what to expect. Keep reading to learn more.

Expectations for marriage counseling 

Outlined below are a few things to know when getting ready for a first-time marriage counseling session. This information may be helpful when preparing.

Honesty is required

Something to expect at a marriage counseling session is to be honest. Honesty is required in order for marriage counseling to be successful. Additionally, it is necessary for the sake of the marriage. Honesty ensures that both partners feel safe with one another. 

During a marriage counseling session, the counselor will ask questions and require information from both parties that may not be ideal to share. However, in order for the counseling to be successful, it is necessary that honesty is 100% given. 

Communication is key

Although it may sound cliche, the phrase "communication is key" is actually quite true, especially as it relates to marriage counseling. When each partner communicates openly with one another, the results will be extremely positive. 

Individuals preparing for their first marriage counseling session should expect to have to communicate both in the office and at home. Counselors will help both partners identify appropriate ways to communicate with one another.

It may be uncomfortable or awkward

Another thing to expect is to be uncomfortable. Marriage counseling is not always the most comfortable environment to be in. There may be awkward questions asked, which can be uncomfortable. Additionally, the other partner may say things that create an awkward environment. Nonetheless, it is important to stick through it in order to see the desired results. It is also good to know that marriage counseling sessions are safe spaces, which means there will not be any judgment. 

There will be exercises

Marriage counseling is more than just sitting in an office with your partner. It does involve exercises in order to practice what was learned in each session. The feedback provided by the counselor should be used at home and during daily life in order to implement change, growth, and improvement. 

As far as specific exercises, the counselor will determine what those may be during the session. Some examples include the following:

  • Communicating any feelings in a safe space 
  • Taking time apart to do self-based activities
  • Doing something for one another, whether big or small

Find out more

Marriage counseling can require some preparation in order to know what to expect. The information listed above can be quite helpful to get familiar with before a session. However, it is also a good idea to consult with a counselor before starting sessions. An evaluation can be done in order to determine what type of treatment is needed. To learn more or to get scheduled for an appointment, reach out today. 

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