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Angela is available for public speakingAngela Sasseville is a powerful public speaker. Her intimate knowledge of common struggles allow her to deliver messages that resonate deeply with her audience. Angela’s open discussion of her own challenges make her relatable and authentic. Her personal conviction that we are all capable of creating more fulfillment reminds us not to sleepwalk through our busy lives.

What Clients are Saying

“Angela is a very impressive speaker.” Dr. Christine Soto

Non-profit Consultant

“A beautiful presentation and experience.” A Happy Client


“Angela has many unique and innovative ideas that I plan to use in my daily life.” A Happy Client


“Her presentation was perfectly tailored for our group.” A Happy Client


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Director Angela Sasseville, LPC

Angela’s Book

Families Under Financial Stress, by Angela Sasseville“Angela Sasseville’s personal journey, informed by her experience as a professional counselor, is full of important lessons for so many Americans who find their relationships shaken by money problems.” – David Brancaccio, public radio & television journalist

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