Relationship Coaching

Where do executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-performance professionals turn for relationship advice?

Relationship challenges and communication problems are some of the most complex and most private issues you can face.  Individuals frequently turn to us regarding:

  • Communication break downs that lead to frustration
  • Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling place in marriage
  • The toll that it takes to have a partner with a mental health issue
  • Difficulties in physical intimacy
  • Understanding trust violations and infidelities
  • An innate desire to learn how to become a better partner
  • A single person’s desire to up level their dating life and find ‘the one’.

It’s unlikely there’s anyone at work that you can confide in, especially if you’re in a position of leadership. Society has taught men to be stoic and self-reliant through the old-fashioned gender messages men have received for decades. So men still rarely turn to friends for relationship advice. Even female executives are often reluctant to “air their dirty laundry” from home with more than one or two confidants in their inner circle. They too must use discretion.

So where do you turn when things are hard at home and you feel stuck, or isolated or confused about how to turn them around?

Relationship Advice

Since 2005 Flourish Executive Counseling & Coaching has been a well-respected and knowledgeable resource for individual relationship coaching and marriage counseling.  Flourish is already familiar with the psychology of high achieving professionals and the realities of holding a leadership role or ownership interest in your organization. 

Our discerning clients benefit from a confidential and supportive relationship with Flourish Executive Counseling & Coaching.  Our relationship expert, Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC has 19 years of experience, allowing her to quickly identify core issues in your relationship predicament.  Her educational and structured approach harnesses the power of your motivation to change by quickly empowering you with new insights and effective tools.

The Developmental Stages of Relationships

The Developmental Stages of Relationships

This educational series provides insight into the stages that all intimate partnerships progress through over time. Get this free three-part email series.

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