If you have been wondering whether or not you need marriage counseling in Denver, the fact that you and your spouse are talking about it is a very good indicator that you should make an appointment and come in for a preliminary session.

Very often, couples who come in wonder if there are any telltale signs that should push them into seeking counseling for their marriage. There are definitely a few that could indicate that you need to take time out of your schedule to come in and see a marriage counselor. The truth is that for the last 30 years, over 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. This is a statistic that could be changed if people begin to realize that their marriage may be in trouble, and make a healthy choice to come in and seek marriage counseling before they reach a point of irreconcilable differences.

Here are two signs that your marriage may be in trouble or that it is a good time to seek out marriage counseling in Denver to help strengthen your marriage.

Occupying the same space: Very often, after a length of time, couples find that they are no longer having the same level of interaction as they once enjoyed. While they still live together, they are no longer communicating or having the intimacy that is necessary for a couple to be a couple. If you and your spouse find yourself in a place where you are simply coexisting, this may be an indication that you need the help of a skilled therapist to help sort out what is missing from your marriage and more importantly, how you can work to bring it back. Being married does not involve simply occupying the same space without thoroughly enjoying the sharing of it. If you find that you are annoyed by your spouse occupying the same space as you, it is probably time to get marriage counseling in Denver.

Separation as a resolution: As you come in for marriage counseling in Denver, one of the lessons you will learn is that separation is not always a bad thing. Everybody needs space every once in a while. However, if you are not actively seeking counseling and you find that every time you argue, the only way to resolve your differences to separate, you may be in need of counseling. Additionally, if you find that every time your spouse and you argue or have a disagreement, the separation starts to extend in time or even turn into an overnight or several day separation, you definitely need to consider getting marriage counseling. Long-term separations do not make the problems go away, and so when the absent spouse returns, the problem still exists but has simply being avoided until the next time a disagreement of a similar nature arises. If you find yourself separating on a regular basis as a normal course of resolving differences, it is probably time to come in for counseling.

We can help you and your spouse to develop the skills necessary to communicate and to resolve your differences so that your relationship can turn into a healthy one or give you the tools to change the dynamics of your relationship altogether.