Today I want to talk with you all about anxiety and share some tips on how you can tackle it.

Containing your emotions

First, we don’t want to avoid our feelings but rather, contain them. When we can learn to contain our feelings and deal with them at the proper time and the proper place, that serves us tremendously. Often anxiety likes to creep up at the most inconvenient moments. So, try to go ahead and contain it and move on with your day.

The next step

I want you to keep that appointment. When it arrives, you will probably notice that your anxiety has evaporated entirely. Often times, anxiety gets us to expend this energy that is completely and entirely wasted. It can really kind of evaporate when we refuse to feed into it. However, if by the time your appointment rolls around and you’re still feeling anxious, I want you to grab some scratch paper and put it into words. What is the anxiety freaking out about? Then, I also want you to put into words your own inner wisdom in response to that.

For example, maybe your anxiety is saying, “I am dreading going to my in-laws for Christmas because every time we go, my partner and I get into a big fight and I’m really anxious and worried it’s going to explode again.” Write it down. Put it on the paper. It starts to lose its power if you can put it on paper. Then, bring in your inner wisdom and write your wise response to it. “Yeah, but I have more insights and I can see trouble coming this time and I know I’m going to handle it differently this year,” for example. So, make sure you put both the anxiety and your inner wisdom into words. That can be very powerful in helping us cut off the anxiety and put a stop to it.

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