Conflict Management for the Modern Workplace: Assessment & Training

When conflict is avoided or mismanaged it can detract from a healthy organizational culture, prevent optimal working relationships, and increase employee attrition. This course will provide a foundation for managing conflict and creating team cohesiveness.


  • Identify each participant’s preferred way of managing conflict so you can identify non-productive communication tactics
  • Learn the 5 different ways to approach conflict to expand your repertoire and skills for smoother resolution
  • Gain key insights into how to better communicate during stressful times so that your key work relationships are buffered

Each participant will receive the following research-based materials:

1. An online conflict management assessment and personalized 11-page report of their preferred conflict management styles.

2. Access to a step-by-step video training on dynamics in the workplace during conflict.

3. Applied use and incorporation of the system and its tools during the team presentation.