Uplevel Team Dynamics Using the Science of Emergenetics

When individuals understand their innate strengths and those of their colleagues, they can unlock strategies to strengthen communication, teamwork, productivity and engagement.  The Team Dynamics for Small Groups program empowers attendees to discover their individual and collective preferences and utilize the scientifically-based Emergenetics Attributes to achieve greater performance and results.

Uplevel Team Dynamics Using the Science of Emergenetics

Team Dynamics for Small Groups is designed for departments, project teams or groups of three to nine who want to apply Emergenetics to improve their interactions.

Audience:  In person programs are available.  Our digital program is especially beneficial to engage remote teams, support groups seeking practical ways to work together more effectively or provide a foundational understanding of Emergenetics.

Research-based Tools:  Each attendee will complete an online Emergenetics Profile.


  • Uncover their innate strengths to enhance self-awareness 
  • Understand their teammates’ gifts and preferences for working 
  • Discover group tendencies and their impact on collaboration and decision making  
  • Identify practical strategies to improve communication and problem solving as a team 
  • Learn to use the power of cognitive diversity to drive results 

Individuals receive:

  1. A personalized Emergenetics Profile and Narrative Report
  2. Access to Flourish’s online Emergenetics debrief course
  3. Applied use and incorporation of the system and its tools during the team presentation.
  4. A group profile report
  5. Access to the Emergenetics+ mobile app
  6. Follow up materials to sustain ongoing implementation of the learnings

Agenda: Led by Certified Emergenetics Associate Angela Sasseville, attendees will:

  • Review the seven Thinking and Behavioral Attributes 
  • Discover practical applications of Emergenetics concepts in their work life 
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of cognitive diversity 
  • Review their individual Profiles and Group Profile 
  • Discuss implications of their preferences in the way the group communicates, collaborates and performs 

Length of Presentation:  90 min – 120 min