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Executives that are ready to take their companies to the next level might be wondering whether executive therapy or coaching is right for them. These two practices differ in many ways, but share a similar goal of wanting to make positive, effective and long-lasting change in the life of an executive. Executive therapy and coaching are two practices that have helped a wide variety of individuals, including company leaders, live their best lives.

Coaching versus executive therapy

There are many contrasts between executive therapy and coaching. Both of these have a positive result, but executives come to executive therapists and coaches for much different reasons.

Executive therapists vs executive coaches

Unfortunately, there is a stigma around reaching out for help when holding a high position of power. Company leaders feel the need to show a brave face at all times, resulting in an inward instability that can begin to manifest in work life. However, feeling overwhelmed is a natural reaction to always being on the clock, and one in every four Americans seeks therapy at least once in their lifetime. Reaching out for help managing work and home life is nothing to be ashamed of.

Executive coaching is focused on helping company leaders and their teams accomplish future objectives, while executive therapy centers around digging deep into issues to help employ healthier thought patterns associated with those issues. Executive therapy helps heal those issues, while executive coaching allows a person to find ways around those obstacles. That being said, executive coaches and therapists both strive to employ tactics in the workplace and beyond that are more effective for a healthy work environment. Coaching is more of an instant solution, while executive therapy takes time. Both have lasting results.

No matter how hard an individual tries to separate work life from home life, there is always a bit of overlap. When work and home life seem to be overwhelming, or a balance is not able to be met between these two worlds, executive coaching or therapy could be the solution.

Executive coaching and executive therapy to take your team to the next level

While there are various executive coaching and executive therapy programs, all are tailored to the needs of a team or individual. Both executive coaching and executive therapy can be completed onsite, at the office for real-time interference of bad habits. Instead of attending an offsite coaching camp, our executive coaches come to you, ensuring optimal results.

We pride ourselves in discreet, effective executive therapy and coaching tactics no matter which path you choose to take, for yourself and for your company. Give our office a call today to set up an initial appointment. We can get you back on the track to success.

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