executive counselor Denver, CO Executive therapists and executive counselors share a similar goal –– to help a client through a difficult time. Both therapy and counseling are meant to give an individual tools in coping with or avoiding negative behaviors and thought processes that are not conducive to a healthy work environment. However, the similarities end here.

What is executive counseling?

Executive counselors want to give their clients every tool possible to not only identify deep-rooted issues but find ways around these pitfalls that affect us daily. Deeper rooted issues, from childhood or more recently, can affect the way we think and the way we behave daily. These issues can also impact our stress management tactics. Choosing to ignore these issues does not help anyone, least of all the client and those closest to them. The people an executive works closely with and lives with every day may not understand the exact pressures on them, but they still expect to be treated fairly. Taking out problems on those closest to us, be it professional confidantes or loved ones, is usually the first sign that an executive could benefit from counseling. The goal of executive counseling is not to ignore these issues, but to bring them to the forefront and find ways around them so the problems seem smaller and more manageable. Working closely with an executive counselor, individuals will discover and employ strategic methods of dealing with these issues. Executive counselors usually only need a few sessions to make a difference in the life of a company leader. An executive learns the tools they need to get back on track, practices until perfection and the counseling is finished. This can take weeks or months, depending on the exact program and needs of the executive. Overcoming burnout from work, balancing home and work life and getting the most satisfaction out of personal relationships and life goals are just a few of the focal points of executive counseling. There are certain symptoms that signify it may be time to see an executive counselor, such as irritability, feeling defeated, feeling overwhelmed, decrease in quality of work, decrease in quality of personal and professional relationships, workplace claustrophobia and feelings of emptiness. We want to make sure every executive feels fulfilled and ready to take on new challenges, and executive counseling makes this possible again after overcoming these aforementioned barriers to productivity.

Executive counselors can get you back on track

An executive counselor can help you and your team reach your potential. Sometimes, it is helpful for a group of team members to attend executive counseling with their company leader. Whether you feel that one on one counseling is best, or you prefer to have a group training session, call our office today to schedule your first appointment. We can help get you back on track to an optimized lifestyle.

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