Intimacy & SynergyCouples Therapy

Which couples do you think have the best love lives? 

It’s the happy couples of course. 

The ones who have connected, who have de-coded each other’s emotional needs and learned how to do a better job meeting those sot hat they can feel close to one another and have a secure and harmonious bond. 

Now, a fascinating and sad fact: only 50% of people have a secure bond with their significant other. So there are a lot of unhappy couples out there. 

But, for those who have a strong relationship with each other, well then they get to move on to the fun part. They often realize that they need to enhance their love life. You know, especially after the doldrums of 2 years of pandemic living, and all the monotony that came with it. 

That is where my intimacy & synergy program comes in. Those couples get to have sessions with me in which they finally get educated about the core components of intimacy. Fun and important things like flirtation, sensuality, and other key ingredients. Then they get to go home and have private conversations with each other about their preferences and the new things they want to incorporate. 

They are creating synergy with each other, adding excitement to the relationship, and giving themselves a connection that can be transcendent at times. 

Are you intrigued? 

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