I want to share some tips and tools my husband and I use to reach our goals.

When I sit with couples here at Flourish, I always establish outcome goals in collaboration with my clients for what they want to achieve during our time together. We define and establish a process with which we are going to meet those goals.

A process that my husband and I have been using is the idea of establishing outcome goals and process goals for our very busy, shared life, and doing that even when things are going great and even when there is not a coach or therapist involved.

If this process is something you would like to replicate in your relationship, let me give you a couple of tools.

1. Establish Achievable Outcome Goals.

The first thing you are going to need to do is establish some achievable outcome goals. Be aware of when you need to enlist a third party or expert in this process. For example, I have a kid starting college this year. So, one of our our outcome goals is to consult with one of our financial advisors for their expertise. Outcome goals need to be achievable and realistic with each partner having an understanding of what their role is.

2. Define The Process.

Secondly, you need to define the process in which you are going to drive the ball down the field. For us, we’ve decided that monthly meetings over lunch on a Sunday to check in on the core objectives we’ve set for the year is feasible. Because it’s a relationship, if you and your partner want to do this at home, I suggest you meet and check in on your goals a minimum of every 6 weeks, and maybe more often than that depending on your timelines.

Even when things are good, would it be beneficial and advantageous to establish some goals and processes for achieving them together?

Food for thought in the new year!

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