What’s the best gift you can give yourself this August?

Today I want to talk to you about the most impactful action that everyone can focus on this month: recharging your batteries by bringing your stress level down by 15-20%.

I really want to urge you to get outdoors, to get to the mountains, to engage in the things that you know light you up, to take good care of your bodies and get endorphins on a regular basis, and to really prioritize self-care in the coming month.

And the reason is that I am anticipating a number of stressors that we will all be contending with this fall. The pandemic is wearing on all of us and parents are bracing for a challenging semester at school for their kids. We are also coming into an election season which brings hope and energy for some of us, and feels divisive and toxic for others.

On the off chance that we are in for a rough fall, I want to encourage you to do everything you can right now to recharge your batteries and to take really good care of yourself by engaging in meaningful activities that truly matter to you.

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